Game Vehicle Development

game weapon dev

Hello everyone! Today we are releasing our new tutorial. It’s 16 hours long so I think we have a huge amount of knowledge in this one.

You can check details here: Game Vehicle Development

Most important elements in this tutorial are recorded with normal speed. Previously we’ve speed up everything but some people had problems with following so that’s why in this tutorial we are leaving some elements untouched. Now your download links will expire after 60 days rather than 30, and of course you can ask for new links any time after purchasing your products.



game weapon dev

Hello. One of our mates from Poland is running a really nice blog about game development. His blog is a sort of guide how to make your own mobile game. And all the knowledge there is for free. So if you are into game creation on UE4 it’s definitely worth checking.


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Game Weapon Development

game weapon dev

Hello everyone! Finally our new tutorial is here. I hope you will enjoy this one.

More details here: Game Weapon Development

In comments you can write what kind of tutorial you would like to see next.



Head Modeling & Texturing For Games – First post


Hi. This is our first post here. So I would like to introduce you our new video about head modeling and texturing for AAA Games. Hope It will be usefull. More about this one you can read here :

Head Modeling & Texturing For Games