Head Modeling & Texturing For Games – First post


Hi. This is our first post here. So I would like to introduce you our new video about head modeling and texturing for AAA Games. Hope It will be usefull. More about this one you can read here :

Head Modeling & Texturing For Games


14 Responses to Head Modeling & Texturing For Games – First post

  1. Goerge says:

    That is awsome
    can you please make environment tutorials

    • wizzfx says:

      Hey, Thanks! I have plans for tutorial about weapons, I’m working on it right now. Hope you will like it. We will se what will be next 🙂 Cheers!

  2. Goerge says:

    Any New Tutorials Coming soon?

  3. Ohdud Itisme says:

    Yeah some kind of environment or terrain tutorials would be great

  4. BiMode says:

    What tools are you using to create the tutorials? Maya, photoshop?

    • wizzfx says:

      Yes 🙂 + Zbrush, Xnormal, Unreal Development Kit. Or if you ask me about recording program, It was Camtasia Studio.

  5. kebrus says:

    This is awesome, love your tutorials and price tags, I’ll make sure to let everyone i know that care about this kind of stuff to know about this

    I would suggest something/anything about nature: rocks, trees, foliage, etc

  6. manuce94@gmail.com says:

    Hi when is your weapon tutorial coming in ?

  7. praful bhosle says:

    thankyou for the tutortials…. Keep it up

    • wizzfx says:

      No problem. If its about textur painting tutorial it might take some time to release another video. But I hope finally I will be able to finish stuff that I’m working on. Cheers!

  8. praful bhosle says:

    can you please make a tutorial specifically for texture painting , creating custom textures…. That’d be very helpful…. Thanks

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